Swimming Pool Cantilever Shades

cantilever pool shade structures
This single-post, double-canopy cantilever shade was installed by our crew in Maryland. We ship cantilever shades nationwide in the USA, and internationally.

Pool shades in a cantilever design offer your guests and property complete sun protection with a unique overhead support. Each cantilever pool shade has 1 or more vertical posts that suspends the canopy from above, leaving the space beneath the shade canopy completely free for movement and mobility. These shades are available in several different sizes and configurations, including single-post umbrellas with square and hexagon canopies. We also sell large, multi-post cantilevers designs with square, rectangle, and hexagon shades. All of our shade structures are built to commercial standards, meaning that they’re long-lasting and heavy duty. Our top clients for these pool shades include swimming clubs, public pools, resorts, hotels, and more.

Models Available For basic patio use for individuals and small groups of people, our single umbrella models are available with square and hexagon (6-sided) canopies. To cover larger areas, look to our permanent cantilever shade structures with square, rectangle, and hexagon shades. Because of the weight involved, most of our shades require installation using concrete.

beige pool shade structures
This large cantilever umbrella is large enough to shield several pool users.

Canopy Information The canopies of our cantilever-design pool shades are UV treated. This minimizes sun exposure for the people beneath the shades. The pool shades’ membranes are fully welded.

Supporting Structures The supporting structure of each cantilever-design pool shade is a single vertical exterior post. The arm can be attached to a vertical post, but they can also be attached to a structure or building. Each supporting structure is manufactured from heavy duty galvanized steel. You can select the color of the supporting structure from a wide variety of colors. Each pool shade structure is powder-coated and painted.

Colors Available Each cantilever pool shades’ canopy and supporting structure are available in a variety of colors.

Product Warranties Every one of our cantilever pool shades comes standard with the two warranties: a 5-year warranty for the frame, and a 2-year warranty for the canopy.

Wind Rating Every one of our cantilever pool shades is manufactured with an engineered wind rating. These shades meet all commercial standards for outdoor premises use.

Pricing For current pricing, please phone us toll free.

pool shade structures cantilever models
This stylish cantilever umbrella shade offers shadow without obstruction by the supporting vertical post.

pool shade structures cantilever
Cool blue cantilever umbrella shades are also good for seating and dining areas.

cantilever pool shade structures
A view of the underside of our cantilever pool shade steel structure.
cantilever pool shades
These futuristic cantilever models fit perfectly in this modern pool space.

Our  pool shades offer many great benefits to your pool area, including:

UV screening Our pool shades bring extra health protection to both clients and employees. They also minimize sun damage to your pool floor and decking. Up to 99% UV screening and 92% shade.

Water repellence These pool shades keep pool areas dry when the weather gets rainy. 80% water repellent rating.

Cooler clients & employees Pool shades reduce the chance of heat exhaustion.

Long life Each parking shade comes with an extended warranty.

Cooler equipment Your building’s paint and plastic are protected from fading in the sun.

Wide selection of colors. Choose your color scheme for the canopy fabric and the steel posts.

Custom sizes available. We can manufacture many of our cantilever shades to your specifications. Please phone us at (877) 840-0707 for more information.