Images of Shade Structures

Scroll down below to see our many images of shade structures. Our shades are not only high-quality and effective at blocking out the UV rays of the sun, but they add a stylish design to any outdoor area. ¬†Shade structures protect your visitors, clients, and employees from the sun’s rays. They also cast a cool shadow across any area, reducing the temperature. Our shade structures are available in a variety of different models and sizes, as seen in the images below. Whatever your needs, we’ve got a commercial shade structure for your organization. Phone us today for more information at (877) 840-0707.

Range of Shade Structures Available

shade structures gallery
Our shade structures come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, giving you countless options for sun protection and lower temperatures on your premises.

Square Models of Shade Structures

square shade structures
Square shade structures can cover a small area …

large red square shade
… or a very large space.
white square shade structure
This square shade structure offers plenty of vertical room beneath its canopy.
jumbo red rectangle shade
This jumbo square shade structure protects everyone on this playground from the sun.

Rectangular Models of Shade Structures

jumbo yellow square shade structure
This colorful shade structure brightens the playground but blocks out the sun.
double hip shade structure
This blue rectangle shade covers the structure with room to spare.
another double hip shade structure
Frontal view of the same structure under the playground shade.
underside view of double hip shade structure
Right-side view of the same structure under the playground shade.
big white shade structure
This jumbo playground shade covers several play structures.
underside view of white shade structure
Under the shade, a whole world of protected playground fun awaits!
baseball bleacher shades
These shade structures cover the bleachers at a baseball field.
shade over wooden playground
Shade structures can be used to cover individual items, too.

Sail Shades

beige sail shade structures
Sail shade structures offer sun protection on your premises in various designs.
sail shade structures for playgrounds
Towering green sail shades keep playground equipment cool.

hexagon sail shade
This unique shade structure combines a hexagon shape and a sail design.

Umbrella and Hexagon Shade Structures

blue permanent umbrella shade
Umbrella shade structures give your premises sun protection from a single post.
angled umbrella shade structures
Some umbrella shades can be angled to protect against consistent sun patterns.
angled umbrella shades
Angled umbrella shades, from a different view.
umbrella shades for playgrounds
Choose from various umbrella shades, then angle them to best cover your outdoor area.
dual column umbrella shade
This dual-column umbrella shade offers stylish shade protection.
swing set with shade canopy
Shade structures built into a swingset protect from the sun & look great.
shade mounted to playground equipment
Shade structures can even be incorporated directly into playground equipment.
hexagon shade structures
This hexagon shade structure covers a whole picnic area.