Parking Lot Shade Canopy

parking lot shade structures

A shade canopy for your parking lot will block out the sun and keep your premises cool. More importantly, these protect your clients’ and employees vehicles from sun, rain, and anything else that Mother Nature can throw at it. Each of our parking lot shade structures is built to your custom needs, including the height of the structure. They meet all U.S. commercial manufacturing standards, and you’ll find them in parking lots all over the country, and even abroad. The canopies are constructed from heat reflective, UV treated fully welded membrane. You’ll be covered by generous warranties, including 5 years on the frame and 2 years on the canopy. The structures have a strong engineered wind rating.

Popular options for these shade structures include lighting; an electrical access panel; and screen printing with your restaurant or company logo.

If you have any questions about our parking lot shades, just phone us toll free today!

parking lot shade structures

parking lot shades

Benefits of a Parking Lot Shade Canopy

parking lot shadesInstalling a shade on your parking lot offers countless benefits. We’ll start with the most obvious ones, and point out some that you might not have thought of.

Lower temperatures in the parking lot. This includes the overall temperature; the heat of your guests and visitors; the temperature of their car bodies; and the temperature of the ground. Heat rises, and when the sun’s rays hit the ground, it heats up the entire area — but not with a shade cover over it.

Better air quality. Blacktop and macadam give off a smell when they got hot. Cast a shadow over your parking lot with one of our shades, and you’ll have a more pleasant parking area all around.

Protection from the weather — for the people who drive to your parking lots, and for their vehicles.

Fabric Colors Available: Choose from more than 30 colors for the shade canopy.

Structure Colors Available: Choose from about 30 colors, including red, white, yellow, fuchsia, purple, yellow, black, teal, burgundy, green, tan, blue, orange, brown.

Prices: These shades are built to custom specifications. For pricing, just phone us today toll free. We can also answer any questions you might have about these shade structures.