Parking Lot Shade Structure Specifications

parking shade structures specifications
This futuristic arch-design shade structure shields sports cars at an Infiiniti-Porsche dealership.

A parking lot shade will enhance your parking area by blocking out UV rays and adding a stylish design. Each parking lot shade is  built to commercial standards, meaning that they’re heavy duty and long-lasting. These parking lot shade structures are perfect for hotels, sports complexes, resorts, retail operations or any sort of entity. Best of all, each shade is custom made according to the dimensions of your parking area. Choose from a variety of heights, shade spans, and canopy sizes.

Canopy Specificatio
Our parking shades’ canopies are UV treated. The membranes are fully welded.

Frame Specifications
The parking shades’ structures are made from heavy duty galvanized steel. They are powder-coated and painted to your color selection.

Colors Available
The parking shades’ frames and canopies are available in a variety of colors.

Shade Warranties
Every one of our parking shades comes with the following warranties:

  • frame — 5 year warranty
  • canopy — 2 year warranty

Wind Ratings
The parking shades have an engineered wind rating. They meet all standards for commercial premises use.

If you have any questions about our shades, just phone us toll free today.

parking shades
This unique sail shade employs multiple canopies to protect vehicles from the sun.
parking shade structures
The view from underneath a multi-canopy sail shade structure. Vehicles stay cool and shaded.
parking shade structures modern
This sleek shade canopy offers stylish coverage for the vehicles beneath it.

Benefits of Parking Shades
Our parking shades bring many great benefits to your commercial premises, including:

UV screening Our parking shades provide health protection for clients and employees. They also minimize sun damage to vehicles’ paint jobs.

Water repellence Rain bounces right off these parking shades.

Cooler vehicles Our parking shades protect your clients’ and employees’ vehicles are protected from weather damage, including rain, wind, snow, and sun. They also prevent vehicles from getting too hot inside when they’re parked in your parking area.

Cooler clients & employees Parking shades reduce the chance of heat exhaustion.

Long life Each parking shade comes with an extended warranty.

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