Swimming Pool Shade Structures

Swimming pool shade structures are becoming increasingly popular with resorts, parks, home owners associations and  even homeowners. Pool users like to get tanned and feel the warmth of the sun, the perfect environment for enjoying the water. But too much of a good thing can be a problem, especially in the hot summer months. That’s when you most need a pool or patio shade structure to screen your visitors from direct sunlight, to moderate the effect of the sun and to keep them cool — especially your smallest visitors, who love to splash around but simply don’t know the effects of too much sunlight. In addition, these shade structures add a stylish design to the pool area. These are perfect for a  resort pool or even your home.

We have several great models of swimming pool shade structures that can be used in pools, water parks, and more. Best of all, we can create custom shades to meet the size of your outdoor area.  We have a canopy for any location, from the smallest single-post umbrellas to towering 10-post models that can cover an entire Olympic-size pool. If you have any questions about these shade structures, including pricing and installation, just phone us toll free today at (877) 840-0707. We are very knowledgeable

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Cantilever Models
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Multi-Post Models

The manufacturer of our shade structures, Superior Shade, is one of the leading manufacturers in the shade industry, and they’re rated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as an 9001:2000 manufacturing facility, proof of quality and competence. These pool shades are supplied by MD Materials, a long-time distributor of pool shades nationwide with first-hand experience at installing these shades.

Smaller shades, like some of our single-post umbrellas, can be installed easily without concrete. They come with heavy base-plates that rest on the ground, too heavy for pool visitors to move by hand. Larger shades, like multi-post models (and some umbrellas), require installation using concrete; that is, digging holes in the lawn outside the pool area or even cutting into the concrete of the patio. That’s where our company’s experience at installing pool shades comes in handy. We’re available to answer your questions about installation just by phoning us toll free at (877) 840-0707.