Restaurant Shade Drop Blinds

restaurant shades drop blinds

Restaurant shades block out the sun and keep your premises cool. But to really keep out the heat in summer and maintain your customers warm in winter, consider adding drop blinds to your restaurant shade structure. This helpful option creates a whole new temporary area for customers, right there under the awning. Two styles of restaurant shade drop blinds are available: hand-rolled, or rope and pulley. Each drop blind comes with a track and gear roller. The fabric base pocket of each blind is fitted with either galvanized steel or aluminum tube. The stainless steel ground fittings connect with saddles and boat snaps. The drop blind fabric is fire retardant. All of the drop blinds’ hardware has a 1-year warranty.

Popular options for these restaurant shade drop blinds include tinted PVC in the vertical blinds; a valance across the base; zippers; screen printing; and powder coating color that matches the paint and fabric. If you have any questions about our restaurant shade drop blinds, just phone us toll free today!

restaurant shades
restaurant shades

Our restaurant shades’ drop blinds offer a variety of benefits for your commercial premises, including:
Regulated temperatures for your customers and employees.
Protection from the sun for your premises’ walls and floorings.
Wide selection of colors. Choose your color scheme for the awning fabric.

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restaurant shadesRestaurant Shades :: Fabric Colors Available: True Blue, Midnight Blue, Forest Green, Bottle Green, Camel (plain beige), Plain Silver, Terracotta, Red, Yellow

Restaurant Shades :: Prices: For accurate estimates, please phone us TOLL FREE.

Note: We can design custom restaurant shades to the specifications of your premises. For all drop blinds, cost of shipping and/or installation of playground shades is additional.