Sail Shade Structures

Sail Shade Structures offer a futuristic and stylish way to protect users of your premises from damage caused by exposure to the sun’s rays. These shade structures also bring down the temperature in that area. Sail shade structures are all custom-designed, so the operator of the premises can target individual needs. To plan your shade project, you should think about the size of the area you’re trying to cast shadow over; the angle of the sun during the hours you want to provide shade; how many sails you want; and the height of shade you’ll need (this could vary greatly depending on the type of area you’re trying to shade).

Sail Shade Features

The design of these shades evokes the high-tech design of European outdoor shades and architecture. They’re also highly wind resistant and aerodynamic. These shade structures are designed to industrial strength, meaning that they’ll stay in place in winds up to 80 mph. The steel frames are rated up to 150 mph. Every shade structure’s canopy can be removed using our patented easy, quick-release system.

sail shade structures on a playground
This futuristic sail shade doesn’t just create shadow; it’s an architectural design feature.
more playground sail shades
This series of sails towers over a large play structure on a school playground.

Benefits of Sail Shade Structures

Beyond their modern appearance, our sails shades offer many benefits for your premises, including:

• Up to 99% UV screening, and up to 92% shade (depending on fabric color)
• 80% water repellence
• Cooler equipment — paint and plastic are protected from fading in the sunlight
• Cooler children — shade reduces the chance of sunburn, sunstroke, or heat exhausation
• Long service life — each shade structure has a 10 year limited warranty
• Wide selection of colored fabric and colored powder coating for the steel components
• Custom sizes available. Phone us at (877) 840-0707 for information.

computer graphic of sail shades
Computer representation of a sail shade.

Shade structure fabric colors available: True Blue, Midnight Blue, Forest Green, Bottle Green, Camel (plain beige), Plain Silver, Terracotta, Red, Yellow

Shade structure powder coating colors available (for steel components): Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Tan, White, Black, Brown, Teal, Green, Fuchsia, Burgundy

Shade structure sizes available: Sail shade structures are all custom designed. You can select your sizes and heights to match your shade needs. However long, wide, or tall you want the sails, we can manufacture them for you.

Prices: The price of our sail shades vary with size. For pricing, or to obtain a full estimate, please phone us toll free today.