Swing Sets with Built-in Shade Canopy

swing sets with shade structures

If you have a playground, you can also add a shade canopy to to a swing set. This protects kids from the sun while they’re playing and it also adds a nicely designed element to your playground. The canopy is mounted high in the air above the swing structure, casting a long shadow that keeps the temperature down on the playground.

Features of Our Swing Set Shade Canopy

These shade structures are designed to industrial strength, meaning that they’ll stay in place in winds up to 80 mph. The steel frames are rated up to 150 mph. Every shade structure’s canopy can be removed using our patented easy, quick-release system.


Our shade structures bring many great benefits to your premises, including:

• Up to 99% UV screening, and up to 92% shade (depending on fabric color)
• 80% water repellence
• Cooler equipment — paint and plastic are protected from fading in the sunlight
• Cooler children — shade reduces the chance of sunburn, sunstroke, or heat exhaustion
• Long service life — each shade structure has a 10 year limited warranty
• Wide selection of colored fabric and colored powder coating for the steel components
• Custom sizes available. Phone us at (877) 840-0707 for information.

Shade structure fabric colors available: True Blue, Midnight Blue, Forest Green, Bottle Green, Camel (plain beige), Plain Silver, Terracotta, Red, Yellow

Shade structure powder coating colors available (for steel components): Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Tan, White, Black, Brown, Teal, Green, Fuchsia, Burgundy

Shade structure sizes available: Numerous standard sizes (see chart below), and infinite custom sizes.


Model #
Description Price
RSW23516G 1-Bay Design (2 Swings) with Overhead Canopy PLEASE CONTACT US
RSW3516G 2-Bay Design (4 Swings) with Overhead Canopy PLEASE CONTACT US
RSW46516G 3-Bay Design (6 Swings) with Overhead Canopy PLEASE CONTACT US
RSW5816G 4-Bay Design (8 Swings) with Overhead Canopy PLEASE CONTACT US
N/A 5-Bay Design Or Greater PLEASE CONTACT US