Shade Structure Installation in Your State

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shade structures installation
This attractive playground structure has shade canopies installed above its platforms.

If you’re thinking about buying a shade structure for your outdoor area, then you also need to think about installation. Maybe you’ve seen some you like, or you’ve even picked out the exact model. It might be a smaller shade, or it might be the size that makes you think, “How on Earth am I going to get that in the ground?” We’re here to help.

Shade Structure Sales Area

Our company sells and ships shade structure of any size to all 50 states, and even internationally. We sell a variety of models, including single-post umbrellas, 4-post squares and rectangles, hexagons, octagons, and even our sleek and modern sail shades. Most of us, we provide excellent customer service and because we have experience installing shade structure, we can answer your questions.

Shade Structure Installation Area

Yes, we sell and ship shade structures to all 50 states and abroad. Unfortunately, our company doesn’t install these structures in every state. Our work area is basically the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, including most parts of Maryland and Virginia. But the manufacturer of our shade structures has a factory team that installs our products in many states, and we’re also affiliated with a company that works in most states. So if you’re looking for the name of a company to install a shade structure for you, we can probably help to find one.

If we can’t locate an installer for you, don’t worry — installing a shade structure isn’t rocket science. If you know someone with basic construction experience, they can probably install the shade structure for you. For many of our products, the hardest parts are digging holes of the proper size, measuring the correct distance between the posts, and putting the vertical posts in the air. If you do these things correctly, you’re 90% of the way there. Each shade structure purchased from us includes detailed specifications and installation instructions, including the size of the concrete footers, the distance between the posts, and the process for installing the canopy. Only for the very largest shades would you want to look for a company that has experience with “heavy metal” — tall, thick steel posts can require specialized machinery to put the posts in place, and this is when things get a bit tricky.

Also, if we can’t install a shade structure in your area, we can still help with the installation on the phone and by e-mail. Our experience shade technicians are available to consult with your installer at any stage of the process, to offer the type of advice that comes with having installed all types of shade structures ourselves. If you have any questions, just phone us toll free at (877) 840-0707 for more information. Just like we stand behind our products, we stand behind our customers at every step of the installation process.