Umbrella Restaurant Patio Shades

umbrella restaurant shade structures

Restaurant patio shades are available in several varieties of umbrella design for patios, decks, pool areas, and more. Our restaurant patio shades umbrella models include stationary models, retractable models, and motorized model. We even offer a new line of umbrella shade structures that rotate to follow the sun. These restaurant shades cast a wide shadow with minimal presence, because they only use one vertical post, either in the center of the structure, or outside it (cantilever model). These restaurant shades block out the sun from reaching your clients and employees, and they keep temperatures down by creating areas of shade. The manufacturer designs these restaurant shades to industrial strength, so they’ll stand up in winds up to 80 miles per hour. (These restaurant shades’ structures are rated up to 150 miles per hour.) As the sun grows stronger, so does the usefulness of our playground shade structures. Below are two popular shade structures that have become popular with restaurants in recent years.


shade structure for outdoor patio at a restaurant
Above is a cantilever shade that is great for resort restaurants that have an outdoor patio

umbrella shade structure
Above are small umbrella shades. This poolside cafe looks great with these shades!


Benefits of Restaurant Patio Shades  

restaurant shades
These beautiful umbrella shades fit right in at this relaxing location in the shadow of the bridge.

Our restaurant patio shades bring many great benefits to your commercial premises, including:

Up to 99% UV screening, and up to 92% shade (depending on the fabric color you choose).

80% water repellence Rain bounces right off these restaurant shades.

Cooler equipment Your building’s paint and plastic are protected from fading in the sun.

Cooler clients & employees Shade reduces the chance of sunburn, sunstroke, or heat exhaustion.

Long life — each restaurant shade comes with 10-year limited warranty.

Wide selection of colors. Choose your color scheme for the canopy fabric and the steel posts.

Custom sizes available. Phone us at (877) 840-0707 for information.

Fabric Colors Available: True Blue, Midnight Blue, Forest Green, Bottle Green, Camel (plain beige), Plain Silver, Terracotta, Red, Yellow.

Post Powder Coating Colors Available: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Tan, White, Black, Brown, Teal, Green, Fuchsia, Burgundy

Sizes Available Numerous standard sizes are available (see chart below). We can manufacture custom models in any size and height.

Pricing: For accurate estimates, please phone us TOLL FREE today.

Note: We can design custom shade structures to the sizes and specifications of your playground. Also, prices listed here are for shade structures whose design includes Glide Elbows at each corner, which is the design we recommend for easy removal of the shade fabric, when necessary. Prices listed here are estimates. Cost of shipping and/or installation of playground shades is additional.